Eastside 32 LD


Prices include MwSt.

Eastside 32 LD-LangDiele


Complete package 29,90 €/m² incl. MwSt


  • 10 mm laminate JOKA 32 Skyline ND decor use of Class 32
  • 2 mm PE impact sound insulation
  • Skirting boards (same decor or white) in size 60mm/22mm
  • Package Contents: 1.92 
  • Delivery of the material (free shipping)
  • 25 year warranty on the material in the living area


Order is made exclusively in packages (1,92 m²)

Price/m²: 29,90 €/

Price/Package: 57,41 €/Pkg.


NK_32neu.gif FB-heizung.gif anti.gif entflamm.gif rutschfestigkeit_ds.gif formaldehyd_e1.gif

commercial, normal Additional suitable antistatic flame resistant slip-resistance Emission class

(waiting room, hotel) for rooms with hot

water heating