JOKA Deluxe

Laminate flooring Deluxe


The noble products of the Deluxe collection combines elegant fascinating optics with sophisticated individuality. A unique design inspired to create spaces to extraordinary.The special charm of the products can also come to bear an unmatched charisma.
In addition to the decor and the plank size is primarily determined by the joint pattern characteristic of the ground image. The circumferential V-grooves of the products of the Deluxe collection highlight the individual boards and emphasize the natural look. A real highlight is the decor to match the selected surface structures.

JOKA Deluxe

Skyline 32 ND

8 mm laminate flooring with ´Duo-Connect´-laying system class 32, size 1285 x 192 x 8 mm or 1380 x 193 x 8 mm

Eastside 32 LD

10 mm laminate flooring with ´Pro-Connect´-laying system class 32, size 2000 x 192 x 10 mm