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   Joka Classic Joka Deluxe

The high quality products The noble products 
captivate the Classic Collection by               of the Deluxe collection combines
        value, simplicity and timeless design.                             elegant fascinating optics with sophisticated individuality.



You can choose from over 50 different designs your dream laminate choose to feel good. We provide free shipping, the laminate including sound insulation and baseboardsto your home! And already from 14.90  / m².



Experience perfection!

Some of the best is good enough! And whoever strives for that perfection, for it can only give you the feeling of wanting to experience perfection. This perfection is to maketangible what drives us every day and what is felt in every JOKA product. For branded products stand for high JOKA materials, perfect workmanship and unique design.


About Us!

As the saying goes, with both feet firmly planted on the ground or have solid ground under their feet. This reflected that we think realistically, is successful and can feel comfortable.
This is exactly what embodies our performance and the service which we offer. We strive to provide you with a unique feel-good atmosphere where you feel at ease and at home.
We have been working for over 11 years in the laminate industry at very competitive prices and are proud of our quality that we can achieve in spite of such an affordableprice. Test our expertise, our flexibility and customer friendliness. With us you pay no hidden fees or surcharges for other unnecessary services.
Select the laminate, which contributes to the well-being for you!

And if you need assistance during installation, then you just take a look at www.der-laminatverleger.de. Here you enter the laminate in experienced hands.